This Is How We Do: Santa Barbara, CA

This Is How We Do

Straight stuntin’, yeah we do it like that.

Today is January 29, and I sit here right now miserably sick with the flu. The honest-to-god, body-ravaging, flu-shot-should-have-prevented-this-what’s-the-use-of-even-getting-a-flu-shot, flu. I can deal with body aches; that’s what Advil is for. I can deal with a fever; that’s what Tylenol is for. However, I absolutely cannot deal with not being able to eat anything except toast and yogurt. I can’t handle that. I’ve been sick since early Monday, and that means that I’ve now gone 48 hours without any real food. I would kill for a burrito…

What better opportunity, in that case, to write about the third leg of my last road trip of 2013 (skipping the second leg for now), and my quick stop for lunch in Santa Barbara at this legendary taco stand, La Super Rica. I don’t use “legendary” lightly, nor do I write it facetiously in this case. No less of a Santa Barbara authority than Katy Perry herself declares this place the best Mexican food around. Also, Julia Child said something-or-other about it, so I guess there’s that, too.

Anyways, before I left Santa Monica, I was more or less ordered by a couple of co-workers familiar with Santa Barbara to stop over on my way for lunch, since I had never done so on my previous million-or-so trips through town. They assured me that I would not regret it, even if I had to wait an hour in the line outside the door. Even if I had to spend the last cash in my wallet. Even on Christmas Eve.

Suffice it to say, all of the hyperbole was correct. While not the best Mexican food I’ve ever had (the reigning champion is still Casa Rosita’s in Santa Cruz, although I’m biased), this definitely hit the spot, and I’ll surely be making my way over here again. I’ll gladly brave long lines and cash-only restrictions for the asada, or the guacamole, or the hand-made tortillas, and oh my god I’m just torturing myself now, I hate the flu so much.

Um, sorry. But yeah, Santa Barbara is an amazing place on its own, close enough to L.A. to make for a great day trip, but still far enough removed from the big city hustle. Knowing that there’s an excellent lunch spot just makes it better. Absolutely hit up the beaches or wineries in town, then pay a visit to La Super Rica. I can’t believe it took me seven years to finally stop here…


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