The Road To Freedom: Freedom, CA

The Road To Freedom


When you’re driving down a road, especially once you’ve been driving for, oh say, seven hours, and you see a sign which advertises “Freedom – Next Exit”, surely you interpret it as a sign straight from the gods themselves. Once you’re presented with the option to exit the well-traveled highway to the unknown (actually, Half Moon Bay), or take the exit to Freedom, there’s only one correct choice: You take the Road To Freedom.

And after traveling down the Road To Freedom (that would be Freedom Boulevard, of course) for what seems like an eternity (two miles or so), Freedom is so close that you can practically smell it (the fertilizer, of course – Freedom is a farm town).

And after you pledge to change your previously questionable ways (Freedom was named in the hopes of quelling the “fighting, drinking, and sinning” prevalent in the then-unincorporated area), you may enter through the (non-existent) gilded gates, and partake of Freedom.

And after your first taste of Freedom, you finally reach your ultimate destination – the Centre of Freedom (Freedom is a Canadian concept, apparently). In the Centre of Freedom, the music is celebratory, the violence is naught, and the gardens are forever filled with happiness.

And after you imbibe not of alcohol (Freedom was originally named Whiskey Hill), but of Freedom, you mustn’t take such for granted, because Freedom is finite (only about 1 square mile of Freedom, to be exact).

And after you depart down the Road From Freedom (still Freedom Boulevard), you may take but a small piece of Freedom with you on your journey through life. But fear not, for Freedom is not an abstract concept, but mere miles from the place of your youth.


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