Stage One: Lake Elsinore, CA

Stage One

If you REALLY squint, it kind of looks like the Champs Elysees…

In keeping with my unstated and unnecessary goal of avoiding every major city in Southern California, I traveled down PCH, past LAX, through the Beach Cities, out the 91 Freeway and down the 15 until I found the town of Lake Elsinore.

Being the somewhat obsessive baseball fan that I am, I remembered that Lake Elsinore has a minor league baseball team. I found the stadium, which, to be completely honest, wasn’t terribly hard to find in this little town in rural Riverside County, took this picture, got a funny look from a Riverside County Sheriff, and got out.

(Now, I never said that the Tour de SoCal would be particularly interesting the whole time…)

I consider this like one of those early stages in the Tour de France, where the riders are just kind of all in one big pack and not doing a whole lot – just kind of riding around and enjoying the scenery, you know? One of those early stages before everybody starts juicing and taking drugs and becoming Superman on a bicycle. The départ fictif, if you will. Maybe I could channel my inner Lance Armstrong a little further down the 15…

But as for Lake Elsinore, that’s basically it. I just don’t have a whole heck of a lot more to say about this. During my half-hour stay in town, I didn’t really find a whole lot more there. No other tourist traps, no diversions, no quirks, not much of note. Just a nice looking little baseball stadium, the home of the Lake Elsinore Total Creepers Storm, and a lot of dirt around the town.


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